WTO must come out of ventilator and work to revive multilateralism: Prabhu


Suresh Prabhu, the prime minister’s sherpa at the G20, said on Monday that the World Organization is on a ventilator and it has to come out of it.

“A new world is going to unfold and we don’t know as yet what it would look like. Multilateralism per se is under a very serious threat. The question is how to deal with this threat when it (multilateralism) is needed most,” he said on a webinar organised bY Consumer Unity & Trust Society International (CUTS).

Referring to India’s initiative following the Buenos Aires ministerial conference in December, 2017, which could not agree on a consensus-based ministerial declaration, he said,“We have to find a solution. It can’t be one way or another. WTO’s reforms have to take into account the interests of all members. It has to come out with a forward-looking agenda in an inclusive manner.”

He urged CUTS to write a paper on “what would happen to a world without the WTO”. “We need to find a clear answer to this question. For India to grow, we need a body like the WTO to govern world trade,” he

Bank of India engages Uniken to secure internet, mobile banking channels


In its pursuit to secure its digital initiatives, has decided to extend Uniken’s REL-ID (Relative Identities) Secure Platform to secure its digital and channels globally.

A recent report that was highlighted in the Rajya Sabha, estimated the number of frauds at 1,367 in FY17, and 2,127 in FY18. In 2019, there were 1,477 cases of ATM/debit card, credit card and internet banking frauds. Moreover, payment systems such as UPI/IMPS are likely to register average annualised growth of over 100 per cent, according to Reserve Bank of India’s 2021 vision document. In view of this, RBI has also issued some guidelines as security and risk mitigation measures for digital payments, and Uniken’s REL-ID ensures RBI and other statutory guidelines around protecting digital banking assets with security solutions.

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Bimal Gandhi, chief executive officer, Uniken Inc said, “Mobile and digital enterprises are constantly exploring options to be ahead of competition by working closely with their customers, partners and employees. Enterprises are enabling seamless access to enterprise applications over the internet and are

Auction or estate agent? Pros and cons when selling property


When you’re ready to sell houses or flats in your portfolio, you may be considering selling through an estate agent or at auction.

Both approaches have their pros and cons depending on your particular circumstances, so what’s best for someone else might not be best for you.

When it comes to making the first step, consider exactly what you are looking to achieve. Are you looking for a maximum price? Is there a tight deadline? Is simplicity most important? Weighing up the pros and cons beforehand may help you sell your house fast as well as satisfying your other requirements.

Pros and cons of selling by auction

Perhaps the greatest benefit of selling your property by auction is that you’ll be given a specific date for the auction, meaning you should have near-certainty on the date your home will sell. This can be very helpful if you are looking to sell in a hurry and by a specific deadline.

Another perk is that the auctioneer will take care of listing and marketing the home to generate interest in, and a skilled auctioneer could drum up a lot of potential buyers.

Sales done through auction also tend to be definite, as

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