A City on the Edge: Breaking New Ground in Regional WA


The Regional outback City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder is once again, at the forefront of expanding frontiers. For those who have had the pleasure of visiting for either work or leisure, you will know that there is nothing quite like Kalgoorlie.

It is a City that literally paved the streets with gold and changed the face and fortune of Western Australia forever. A town rich with Aboriginal history, pioneer heritage and architecture, Kalgoorlie is the quintessential Australian outback town, with an edge.

City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder CEO John Walker said, “For over a hundred years, our City has kept the wheels of industry turning and we continue today, to unlock endless opportunities for trailblazers to create their own future success”.

Kalgoorlie itself is juxtaposed in its essence. At the cutting edge of mining innovation, creativity and entrepreneurialism, the City is encased within the great western woodlands which offers an unparalleled regional lifestyle and the wide-open spaces we all crave.

John Walker continues, “We are squarely focused on unearthing a City of the future. We are connected to the world, with daily flights to Perth and beyond. We have invested significantly into capital works projects and world class facilities; including our unique golf course

President approves ordinance to suspend IBC, offer 6-month relief to firms


on Friday approved the ordinance to amend the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC) exempting from facing insolvency proceedings against any default arising for at least a six month period starting from March 25, assuring no such proceedings will ever be initiated for default during this period .

The ordinance gives permanent protection to for default during these six months that can be extended up to a year through a government notification. The amendment ordinance stated, “No application shall ever be filed for initiation of corporate insolvency resolution process of a corporate debtor for the said default occurring during the said period.”

This suspension of will not be applicable to any default committed before March 25, 2020. The three sections which stand suspended include section 7, 9, 10. A new section 10A has been added to suspend the

Section 7 of the Code enables financial creditors to start insolvency proceedings against a company while section 9 gives these powers to an operational creditor.

Under section 10, the promoter of the company can trigger insolvency proceedings against his own company.

Industry experts are concerned how the move will impact

Atlas Cycles shuts manufacturing unit in Sahibabad amid lack of funds


Atlas Cycles — a name that became a synonym for in India — has shut its last manufacturing unit in Sahibabad, just outside the national capital, citing lack of funds to run the factory.

Its Chief Executive Officer N P Singh Rana, however, insists the shutdown is only temporary. The company will resume operations once it is able to raise around Rs 50 crore by selling surplus land, he said.

The company shut the factory on June 3, which ironically was also the World Bicycle Day. It laid off 431 remaining employees, though Rana insists they continue to be on the roll of the company and will be paid “lay-off wages” upon marking attendance daily.

While he did not elaborate on the payment to employees, “lay-off wages” typically equal to 50 per cent of basic salary and dearness allowance.

The plant, the biggest in the country, started in 1989. It was the last operational plant of the Atlas Cycles with a monthly production of over two lakh

Employees claimed the unit was shut without notice.

On Wednesday, a notice was pasted on the factory gates that read: “… the company was going through

Facebook Blocks White Nationalists Organizing Move On Protests


Facebook on Friday said it disrupted efforts by banned white nationalist groups to organize members to arm themselves and target protests against racial injustice.

Small networks of accounts tied to the groups known as Proud Boys and the American Guard were taken down as part of a move by the social network after posts inciting violent action on the ground, according to Facebook dangerous organizations policy director Brian Fishman.

“We saw that these groups were planning to rally supporters and members to go on the ground to the protests, in some cases they were preparing to go with weapons,” Fishman said in press briefing.

The two groups were previously banned at Facebook but were trying to slip back onto the social network and its Instagram service, according to Fishman.

Fishman’s team was working to identify all of the accounts related to the activity, but sped up take-down efforts when posts turned to calls for clashing with protesters.

About 80 Facebook accounts and 50 Instagram accounts linked to the American Guard were taken down, along with about 30 Facebook accounts and the same number of Instagram accounts tied to the Proud Boys.

“We try to detect efforts of banned organizations to

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