Consumers avoid visiting restaurants as Covid-19 cases rise: Survey


Only about 34 per cent citizens are likely to consume restaurant food in the next 2 months and most of them will order food at home instead of going for a dine out, according to a survey by community platform LocalCircles.

Citizens are concerned about catching the Covid-19 infection in and cafes as they are frequented by a variety of people.

LocalCircles said that studies indicate that are most prone to virus spread because of the droplets generated while consuming food. It said there is also the possibility of air transmission to others because of the centralised air conditioning system.

LocalCircles also referred to a recent study by the Centre for Disease Control, USA released on September 11, 2020. It has said that adults that tested positive for Covid-19 in July in America were twice as likely to have visited a restaurant or a coffee shop in the last 14 days.

LocalCircles conducted the survey to understand how the Indian citizens have consumed restaurant food in the past 60 days and how they plan to do it in the next two months.


Ecom Express to create 30,000 temporary jobs ahead of festive sales


Logistics solutions provider is planning to create 30,000 seasonal roles across operations, over the next few weeks, as it gears up to cater to heightened demand from e-commerce clients during the festive season.

The company, which had a workforce of about 23,000 in pre-Covid times, has hired 7,500 people in the last few months to address the increase in online orders during and after the lockdown, with people turning to e-commerce to order grocery, medicines, and other items.

“The pandemic has catapulted the e-commerce industry to a different league. Our e-commerce customers have very aggressive plans for the festive season and we want to be sure to be able to meet their demands. We have started hiring, a process that will continue till about October 10, and we expect to add 30,000 seasonal roles ahead of the festive season,” said Saurabh Deep Singla, senior vice-president and chief human resource officer of

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At the beginning of August, the workforce stood at 30,500. “Last year, we had hired 20,000 before the

At Afghan Peace Talks, The Hard Work Begins


Afghan government negotiators expressed cautious optimism for progress on thorny issues including ceasefires as peace talks with the Taliban got underway in Doha on Sunday.

A slick opening ceremony in Doha on Saturday saw the Afghan government, and allies including the US, call for a ceasefire.

But the Taliban, who have fought a guerrilla campaign against both since they were forced from power in 2001, did not mention a truce as they came to the negotiating table.

The head of the peace process for the Afghan government, Abdullah Abdullah, suggested the Taliban could offer a ceasefire in exchange for the release of more of their jailed fighters.

“This could be one of their ideas or one of their demands,” said Abdullah who left Doha for Kabul on Sunday night as scheduled.

He said the talks should continue in the “spirit of moving towards peace”.

“There should first be a significant reduction in violence, then humanitarian ceasefires, and then a nationwide and permanent ceasefire,” he said.

The Afghan government side said on Twitter that “the first meeting between the contact groups of the two negotiation teams took place (Sunday)”.

Schedules for the talks and a code of conduct were discussed, the

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