Covid-19: Supply of essentials hit due to worker shortage, transport issues

Processors and importers are finding it hard to keep up the supply of essential commodities with most markets, such as vegetables, edible oil, grain and pulses being disrupted either because they don’t have workers, or transport facilities are not smooth. If such a situation continues for long, scarcity could be major problem, says markets leaders.

In Mumbai, grain offtake has doubled to 100,000 bags of 30 kg each a day over the past few days. After the lock down was implemented across many states, transporters are saying they may carry grains from producing centres, because when they go empty on their return journey they may not able to prove that the vehicle was used for delivery of essentials and could have their trucks held up. Many transporters complain of non-availability of drivers. In the Mumbai wholesale market, grain stock for 10 days is available and traders hope transport issues get sorted out before that.

The grain market at Navi Mumbai is closed till tomorrow and may also remain shut on Wednesday as workers have left for home due to the scare. “Availability of workers is a big problem. We asked

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Reliance Jio offers free broadband, double data amid Covid-19 lockdown

will offer basic JioFibre service to new customers and doubled data limit for all its existing customers to support work from home in fight against The company announced the plans on Monday through its #CoronaHaaregaIndiaJeetega initiative.

Jio has also doubled data limits for top-up voucher and bundle-free calling minutes to non-Jio networks in these vouchers.

“To ensure that everyone stays connected while at home, Jio will provide Basic JioFiber connectivity (10 Mbps), wherever it is geographically feasible, without any service charges, for this (coronavirus) period,” Reliance Industries said in a statement. The company will also provide home gateway routers with a minimum refundable deposit.

JioFibre customers are required to pay Rs 2,500 at the time of installation. Of which, Rs 1,500 is refundable at the time of surrendering the connection.

The company has started offering double data across its 4G data add-on vouchers which will also bundle non-Jio voice calling minutes in these vouchers at no additional costs.

“As its ongoing commitment, Jio is ensuring that its mobility services are up and running at all times with the deployment

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Cash flow – The most critical part of your business

It doesn’t matter if your business rules the market, is a big hitter or is simply starting out. Cash is key and cash flow is one of the most critical parts of any business.

Regardless of good or bad your sales are, if there isn’t a good amount of money flowing throughout the business, it will naturally fail. Even if profits are incredibly strong, if things go wrong and the business incurs bad debts, or has a few months with late invoices, it could put the business into a negative spiral of just staying above water. Fortunately, there are things which can be done to prepare businesses for cash flow, as well as ways of tackling the problems as and when they trouble the business.

So, how can you identify the problems that cause cash flow

Most of the time, problems with cash flow normally come down to a simple lack of planning. Putting together a cash flow forecast is essential preparation for a business, however, it needs to be done with every bit of detail involved. A forecast must include all possible incomings and outgoings, with all the potential long-term effects of paying loans and quarterly or yearly tax

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