Covid-19 lockdown: Ficci urges easier norms for manufacturing to resume

While the government assesses the economic fallout of a proposed extension of the current lockdown, the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (Ficci) has said the country can’t afford prolonged confinement.

Arguing in favour of maximum social distancing at all costs, has called for dynamic policy measures to bringing about a fine balance that normalises economic and social activity in an exit strategy, released on Friday.

Prime among these is a demand for a package for migrant labourers as well as effective messaging by central and state governments to ensure their early return. has said the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) may drive the process and instill greater confidence among the labourers.

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For essential commodities, has proposed greater relaxation in the number of hands working at the plant and warehouses. It has also suggested that industry associations be allowed to submit to the Centre the names of companies, their manufacturing/warehousing locations and the number of people at each location by shift. A central administrative manager for each

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ITC launches new hand sanitiser under Savlon brand to take on Covid-19

In the wake of the huge global demand for hand sanitisers following the Covid-19 pandemic, cigarettes-to-hotels major Ltd has launched a hand sanitising liquid under the Savlon brand.

Priced at Rs 250 for a 500 ml bottle, claims that the formulation offers quick and persistent action and helps protect against many enveloped and non-enveloped viruses, in addition to 99.99 per cent bacteria and fungi. The product, Savlon Hexa, is aimed at consumers and frontline medical professionals alike and is in the process of being launched across the country.

“Our advanced hand sanitiser is one of our quickest launches, brought to fruition in record time. Savlon Hexa has been designed to address the critical and urgent need for trustworthy, effective preventive hygiene solutions of the nation during these challenging times of Covid-19,” said Sameer Satpathy, chief executive of the personal care products business division at

According to the company, the rapid spread of Covid-19 has made hand hygiene more critical than ever and the demand for hand sanitisers and handwashes has increased exponentially among consumers and health care professionals.

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Insider tips for filing R&D tax claims without a hitch

The UK government has rolled out an R&D tax credit scheme to encourage the private sector to invest in innovation. If your company is eligible to file a claim, then here are some tips to make the process less complicated.

Know the tax scheme that applies to your company

You have to begin by identifying whether you qualify under the SME or RDEC scheme. To be identified as a small company you must:

  • Have fewer than 500 employees
  • Have a turnover of less than £100 million
  • Have a balance sheet less than £86 million

If you don’t meet these criteria, then you will automatically fall under the RDEC scheme for large companies. The qualifying criteria for expenditure in both schemes are similar but it is generally more lucrative for SMEs.

Claiming R&D tax credits if your company received a grant

Another important point to consider is whether your company received grants for the project you are claiming R&D tax credits for. If you received a notified state-aid grant, your projects will be disqualified from the R&D tax credit SME scheme. On the other hand, if your company received a non-notified state-aid grant, the project will qualify for an R and

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