Lockdown plan: Centre keen to start economic activity in ‘green zones’

Even as the country awaited a formal announcement by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to extend the nationwide lockdown, Telangana became the fourth state to extend it till April 30. The current phase of ends on Tuesday.

The health ministry data revealed that (Covid-19) has claimed 273 lives in India as the total number of cases climbed to 8,356 by Sunday.

According to finance ministry sources, the PM might address the nation once the Centre shapes the contours of the plan to revive economic activity in a phased manner.

The Centre is keen to restart economic activity in ‘green zones’, or areas with low incidence of Covid-19 cases.

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Some of the states showed how a less than total is likely to be enforced, with the Delhi government categorising Covid-19 areas, depending on the intensity of the spread, as red, orange, and green zones.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said containment zones have already been declared as red zones and orange zones are high-risk zones.

While a final nationwide plan is still

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Coronavirus outbreak pushes up demand for scenario planning by IT firms

Amid the (Covid-19) pandemic, which has severely affected the operations of global enterprises, global are asking Indian information technology (IT) services for their help for scenario planning using simulation to better prepare for the fallout of the crisis.

Scenario planning is the analysis and understanding of the latest trends to develop several plausible future scenarios that may help to identify how to be well-prepared to deal with what might happen.

Usually, scenario-planning — through the application of logic — is dominated by big consultancy firms, such as McKinsey, PwC, KPMG, EY, and Deloitte, among others. However, the unprecedented nature of the current crisis has triggered fresh demand for it from a range of firms going to smaller IT firms.

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Manufacturing and retail companies, which cannot afford disruptions to their supply chains, are some of the clients. Pharma and public health care agencies are also approaching IT services firms to build up digital models for clinical trials which are key to new drug development.

“Globally, operation consulting is a $75-billion

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