Centre permits conversion of surplus rice to ethanol for hand sanitisers

At a time when loopholes in the Public Distribution System (PDS) are depriving a large section of people of free or subsidised grains, the government on Monday allowed the conversion of surplus rice available with the (FCI) to

The decision will lead to the utilisation of part of a huge stockpile of 30.57 million tonnes (MT) of rice, as on March 10, which is almost 128 per cent more than the buffer stock and strategic requirement norms. The produced from this will be used for making alcohol-based hand-sanitizers and for blending in petrol.

The decision was taken by a group of experts under the National Coordination Committee (NBCC), chaired by petroleum minister on Monday. According to the National Policy on Biofuels, 2018, during an agriculture crop year when there is projected over supply of food grains as anticipated by the ministry of agriculture and farmers welfare, the policy will allow conversion of these surplus quantities of food grains to

At present, the government is saddled with huge rice stocks from previous years. The stocks does not include 19.23 million tonnes of unmilled paddy lying with the

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All that glitters is on video: Tanishq finds a way for gold customers

Jewellery brand plans to promote video-based selling of ornaments to avoid crowds at stores when the lockdown to contain the ends, said Ajoy Chawla, Chief Executive Officer of Titan’s jewellery business which owns the brand.

Speaking at a video-conference organised by the Gems and Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC), here on Monday, Chawla said, “We will accommodate only a few customers on walk in basis. Arrange chairs in our stores in a way that customers’ service is not impacted. At the same time, we will prioritise appointment based selling or ornaments.”

Titan which sells brand gold and diamond jewellery, operates over 350 retail stores across the counter. Apart from it’s retail store presence, the company also sells huge quantity of its products online.

will encourage online selection of products.

Tanishq has devised three-pronged strategy to deal with the scenario that has emerged after the pandemic.

Firstly, it will sanitise retail stores before opening. The company will also take care of its employees and sales staff at the store with adequate care to meet the challenges post lockdown.


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