Private schools should offer fee relief: McGowan

Mark McGowan says parents are within their rights to ask for reduced school fees if their children aren’t being taught in person, after numerous private and independent school bodies said in recent days that they would not resume face-to-face learning as normal in term two.

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India studying Trump’s executive order of 60-day ban on immigrants: Report

India is studying President Donald Trump’s executive order temporarily halting immigration into the US for 60 days and its possible impact on Indians, PTI reported quoting unnamed government sources.

On Wednesday, the US president signed the order to protect the jobs of American people in the wake of the pandemic which has inflicted severe damage to the country’s economy.

The sources said India is studying the possible impact of the order on Indians.

“People to people contact has been the bedrock of ties between the two countries and we hope it will continue to be so,” said a source.

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It is not immediately known how many Indians may be impacted by the order. The order is likely to have a bearing on those applying for permanent residency in the US.

The temporary suspension of immigration will affect those who are legally seeking entry into the United States for employment but it will not impact the ones who are already living in the country, the order said.

“In order

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We’ll come out stronger from this situation: Infosys CEO Salil Parekh

will come out “stronger” in the post-COVID-19 world on the back of strong operating metrics and client focus, CEO said.

COVID-19 has disrupted businesses globally and impacted operations for Indian IT firms as well. There are concerns in the industry around budget cuts by clients and layoffs, as enterprises grapple with reduced earnings amid lockdowns across various parts of the globe.

Speaking to PTI, Parekh said while there is uncertainty in the near-term, the company is confident of its strengths that will help it navigate this period and emerge stronger from it.

“Last year, we had 9.8 per cent growth and the year before 9 per cent growth. We’ve had a really extremely successful business over the last couple of years, a very strong operating margin and expansion in earnings per share, USD 9 billion in large deals,” he said.

“So all of our metrics, I think already were industry leading. In the near term, there will be some concerns in the business from an overall economic perspective,” he added.

Parekh said that as the situation improves, the company is “extremely comfortable

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