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Fiscal stimulus package fails to provide succour to the poorest: Opposition


The Congress, and other parties, on Wednesday said the Centre’s package fails to provide succour to hapless migrants, to the poorest and even state governments confronted with a financial crunch. They said the package would not help in spurring demand and consumption.

Senior Congress leader said the need of the hour was to put money into the pockets of the people, particularly the poorest 130 million people, but the package had nothing for them. He said there was nothing in the package for the middle classes.

Chidambaram said his “generous” calculation is that the package announced amounts to Rs 3.6 trillion in the Rs 20 trillion package that Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised on Tuesday.

“Where is the rest of the Rs 16.4 trillion? This government is a prisoner of its own ignorance and fears,” he said. Chidambaram said the government must not only spend and borrow more, and allow states to do it as well, but it is not willing to do so.

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Antibiotic sales drive domestic pharma mkt down 11.2% in lockdown-hit April


After growing by almost 9 per cent in March when consumers stocked chronic medication out of panic, the domestic pharmaceutical market declined by 11.2 per cent year-on-year (YoY) in April. The prime drag on the market was the drop in sales of acute therapy medicines like antibiotics, apart from dermatology and gynaecological drugs that witnessed a sharp fall.

According data from the market research firm AIOCD AWACS, the sale of anti-infectives (which comprise 11 per cent of the domestic pharma market) fell by 21.5 per cent, while gyanaecological drugs (around 5 per cent of the market) dropped by 23 per cent and dermatology segment (6 per cent of the market) fell by 22.5 per cent.

Senior executive of an acute therapy focussed company said that with people staying indoors they did not contract much of infections, and this resulted in the fall of antibiotic sales. Segments like dermatology, gyanaecology, vaccines etc depend on fresh prescriptions. With the in effect for the entire month of April, there was hardly any fresh prescription from doctors. “If one compares the Indian pharma market (IPM) on a month-on-month basis, the fall is much sharper, at around 19

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