India should focus on sunrise sectors to stay competitive: NITI Aayog CEO

on Saturday said the government is taking a series of measures to make India highly competitive in the global economy and stressed that the country must get into the sunrise areas of growth.

Addressing the FICCI Annual Convention, Kant said the government is also working towards bringing down the cost of logistics.

“The government is taking a series of measures to make India highly competitive in the global economy,” he said.

Kant further added that the production-linked incentive (PLI) scheme for 10 key sectors, which the government announced last month, should spur growth in manufacturing in a big way.

“The objective was to provide a major impetus to manufacturing and exports, and this (PLI scheme) is one of the biggest schemes that the government has come out with to support the private sector in manufacturing.

“It is a USD 26-billion scheme, which provides production-linked incentives in 10 champion sectors and this five years of support should spur growth in manufacturing in a big way,” he said.

Kant also said the PLI scheme is a focused scheme, it is

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Chowgule’s Angre Port plans to host industrial units for assured cargo

Facing stiff competition from the neighbouring Jaigad port of JSW Group, Chowgule-owned Angre Port has chalked out a road map for an assured revenue stream that would give it stronger global identity.

“The plan is to develop Chowgule-owned 280 acres adjoining the port via strategic partners who can establish long-term and sustainable businesses with the port. In this manner, we look to get anchor customers for our port in turn ensuring assured revenue stream,” C P Jayakrishnan, chief executive officer of Angre Port, told Business Standard.

The agri-based port of Angre is a riverine port that currently exports sugar and molasses to the tune of 0.5 million tonne annually.

“We are in talks with several strategic business partners and few are also at closure stage. In fact, we have already got our first anchor customer who has set up an edible oil factory inside the port and would be handling close to 200,000 tonne cargo annually for the company. We aim to fill up the entire 280 acres with industrial units in the next three years,” said Jayakrishnan.

Chowgule will be investing in the strategic business

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New to trading? How to avoid rookie errors

Financial markets trading is growing in popularity in all corners of the globe in recent years and it is likely you will know someone who has embarked upon their journey.

For those who “get it right” there are many advantages including an additional income stream, flexibility and, in some cases, tax-free winnings from the market.

When you begin your trading journey, you will make mistakes. As harsh and hard as this may sound, it is the truth, and it is important to be aware that you aren’t going to be an exception, but instead you’ll be the rule. In fact, it happens so often right at the start that over 90 percent of first-time traders choose to give it all up and never trade again.

But there is something you can do to prevent this from happening if it hasn’t already, and stop it from happening again if it already has. It’s quite simple: you need to know what the differences are between those who are successful in their trading endeavours and those who aren’t. Knowing this small but vital piece of information will lead you down the right path, and help you to make more of your trading portfolio.

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