Govt’s logistics division to formulate national packaging initiative

The division, under the Commerce Ministry, has started an exercise to formulate a national packaging initiative, which will be part of the proposed policy.

The ministry on Wednesday said that a stakeholder consultation was organised to define the scope and the national packaging initiative as part of the national policy that is currently being finalised.

According to Pawan Agarwal, Special Secretary (Logistics), packaging deserves greater attention from improving the overall logistical efficiency perspective.

“Valuable inputs on packaging came from… participants and more such key players would be involved in the formulation of the National Packaging Initiative,” it said in a statement.

It added that e-commerce companies such as Amazon and Flipkart were urged to invest in sustainable packaging as they are one of the biggest users of packaging material.

It was also pointed out that dangerous and chemical verticals would also need special attention from the packaging perspective.

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OTT consumption grew 13% in 2020, led by sports: RedSeer Consulting

As the country went into lockdown last year, the Indian over-the-top (OTT) space saw some interesting trends. Top among these was a 13 per cent rise in video OTT consumption, and sports streaming seeing the highest consumption, according to new research by Consulting.

“Originals consumption has grown more than 50 per cent in the last year as consumers’ preference to binge watch unique thrillers and action stories has grown. Players have also invested more into creating them,” said Nikhil Dalal, senior consultant at

“Watching some of the favorite shows and movies on repeat enabled the engagement above Jan 2020 levels, despite a drop in supply of daily soaps. On the other hand, IPL and sports activities since September 2020 made the consumption to rise again by over 25 per cent compared to January 2020 levels,” he added.

Net Promoter Score is a metric dependent on content library, quality of content, pricing and overall app/web experience offered. Content quality is more important here as just having more price and lower content quality won’t help.


A higher NPS, which is the case for subscription

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Five ways your accountant can save your business money

Many small business owners manage their own finances but if you choose to employ an accountant, you may find you save your business money in the long-run.

More than bookkeepers, accountants are trained professionals who frequently see companies growing from new enterprises to established businesses. With their insight and skills you could be well on your way to tightening your finances and running your business in a way best suited to you.

Tax Planning

Tax regulations can be a maze and it can be very difficult to stay abreast of all changes to the law. Thanks to their expert knowledge on a range of tax planning options, your accountant can help you make the most of each tax year and advise on the most tax-efficient plan your business.

Your accountant can also save your business money simply by keeping on top of tax deadlines. While some penalties for late submission are smaller than others, they all add up and ultimately this is money that would be better invested in your business.

Cash Flow Advice

Having control over your costs and a good bookkeeping function can help with cash flow in your business. With a wealth of knowledge, your accountant can

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