5 Leadership Qualities that Make Women Great Leaders During Crisis

5 Leadership Qualities that Make Women Great Leaders During Crisis

Amid the growing COVID-19 crisis, many articles have praised women leaders throughout the world for how they have and continue to navigate these difficult times. In fact, they have even suggested that women are simply better leaders – period. While gender should not be a factor in whether or not a person can be a great leader, the qualities female leaders are displaying are definitely worth noting. Here are five qualities strong women today are demonstrating that make successful leaders:

Women are empathetic

Many women are naturally empathetic and devote much of their time and energy into building and maintaining strong relationships. In turn, these experiences and relationships give them a greater understanding of what drives and motivates people. They also tend to be very in tune with how to acknowledge different people for their performance in an effective way. In a crisis, compassionate leaders tend to perform better, inspiring both loyalty and productivity. 

Women wear many hats

Most women are busy balancing their careers, households, marriages and families, among other things. They are masters at pivoting, adjusting and focusing on solutions. This ability to shift to positive solutions – treading the thin line between acting too soon and waiting too long – is critical during tough times. Because they are used to wearing many hats, women tend to be very skilled at listening to diverse voices and then taking decisive action.

Women are nurturing caretakers

During times of crisis, the most effective leaders understand the importance of nurturing their team. Women are naturally nurturing individuals, which often translates to helping those around them develop their own skills and strengths in order to succeed. Many women, especially mothers, use their caretaker skills (compassion and patience) learned from situations at home to guide and encourage their team during hard times.

Women are strong communicators

Communication is critical during crisis. Successful leaders not only take early, decisive action, but they also focus on clear communication. Women are often able to win more trust during crisis situations due to their strong communication skills. In fact, communication is said to be among women’s strongest skills. Female leaders are able to communicate regularly and openly, which is reassuring to both customers and employees.

Women are inclusive

During a crisis, it is imperative that leaders employ an inclusive leadership style. They must be willing to be both humble and flexible. This allows them to acknowledge when things are not working, be open to diverse viewpoints and be willing to regroup when necessary or change course. Female leaders are often very inclusive (thanks to their communicativeness), which boosts the likelihood that their companies will survive during rough periods. 

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