Covid-19 fear pushes up health care, insurance advertisement volumes


The number of advertisements (ads) by personal and insurance has seen a surge in the past few weeks against the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic. With people getting more cautious and looking at preventive measures, brands in these segments feel it is a good time to market ‘well-being’.

According to TAM Media Research, an audience measurement analysis firm, from April 1 to August 14, the personal sector ad volume grew 5 per cent. Of the total during April-July, 70 per cent of ad volumes were during June-July.

The data recorded by BARC India from Week 2-4 (January 11-31: Pre-Covid) shows insurance companies’ ad volumes in seconds (average) were 224,535, which dropped to 60,260 seconds during Week 11-22 (March 14-June 5: Covid), but increased to 199,973 seconds in Week 28-31 (July 11-August 7).

The personal care/personal hygiene sector grew 22 per cent in the last four weeks, compared to the pre-Covid period. The sector saw a growth of 62 per cent in the last four weeks.

The personal sector grew 26 per cent in the last four weeks, compared to the pre-Covid times. The sector grew by a mammoth 159 per cent in the last four weeks, shows the BARC data.

Even in the case of general health insurance, ad volumes spiked in June-July, compared to April.

Vinita Shah, senior vice president-corporate communication & analytics, TAM Media Research, said, “At a free commercial time-level, there is a sign of revival for the medium from the impact of the pandemic. Personal health care, specifically for Covid categories like immunity-building products (chyawanprash, vitamin supplements) and antiseptic liquids, got a boost.”

Brand expert and founder of Mogae Group Sandeep Goyal said health is a big concern right now. “When fear is the key, there is a predisposition to minimise risk. The fear of infection, fear of its consequences, and fear of its cost are driving pharma and insurance advertising,” said Goyal.

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