How To Watch On-line [Spoilers]

How To Watch On-line [Spoilers]

The Goddess and one of the best murderer are set to strike a deal in “The World’s Best Murderer Will get Reincarnated in One other World as an Aristocrat” Episode 2.

The official synopsis of Episode 2, which is titled “Deal of Reincarnation,” reveals the Goddess desires the best murderer to reincarnate and kill the Hero.

When the murderer asks him why does she need to do away with the Hero, the Goddess explains that the Hero, who’s tasked to defeat the Demon King, will finally use the powers and destroy the world.

The Goddess desires him to reincarnate on the earth of swords and sorcery, assassinate the Hero and save the world. Now, the hitman, who was betrayed by his group and murdered, will settle for her request and begin a brand new life in one other world.

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