Automatic doors are a convenient option for businesses of all sizes. That is because they are simple to operate. However, just like any other appliance, the doors may encounter issues. There are several reasons this can happen.

Depending on the problem’s severity, you may have to consider automatic door repair New York or complete door replacement. Keep reading to learn the signs that indicate a problem.

The Doors Jam at the Halfway Point

If you notice your automatic doors stop moving before they are completely open or close, you may have to call the professionals for help. If this happens, it is probably because of an obstruction on the tracks. If dirt and debris build up in the track over time, the rollers cannot glide smoothly.

Excessive build-up or trying to move the doors forcefully can cause damage to the tracks. This will require repairs, too. You may also discover your doors are jamming halfway because of objects in the way and because of the reverse mechanism that keeps them from crushing something that is in the way.

Hard to Operate Automatic Doors

Are your doors no longer gliding smoothly when opening and closing? If so, the issue is likely with the pulley system. A few problems may pop up with the pulley system and affect how the doors operate. Some of the most common issues include bent tracks, general wear and tear, and faulty cables. In this situation, investing in repairs will be sufficient because it is just the pulley system that needs to be fixed.

If you notice issues with your automatic doors, do not wait to call for help and service. As time passes, the situation will worsen and cost even more problems, including potential issues or hazards to the people who use them. Being informed and knowing the signs of problems with your automatic doors will help you know when repairs are needed.

By wayne