Traffic congestion in Mumbai, Delhi tapering off after a rise, shows data


The median mobile download speed from global internet tracker shows a higher median download speed on mobile and fixed internet than before the The data is for the week ended June 14 (chart 4). People use the internet more when they are at home, for work, and for entertainment, leading to a fall in download speeds because of increased load. More people are heading back to work now.

Two indicators which haven’t seen as much of a recovery are traffic congestion and pollution levels. Mumbai and New Delhi both saw their traffic congestion levels begin to taper off after rising in recent times. The numbers are based on location tracker TomTom International (chart 5).

Business Standard also looks at nitrogen dioxide levels that are emitted because of industrial activity and from vehicles. The levels remain muted in Delhi and Mumbai (chart 6, 7). Delhi had shown some recovery but the gap over 2019 show signs of widening again.




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