Nearly one in four workers ‘think retirement will be a financial struggle’


Older workers are more downbeat about their chances of having enough money to enjoy themselves in retirement than younger employees, a survey has found.

Only one in seven people aged 56 to 65 think they will have enough cash to really enjoy their retirement, as do 12% of 46 to 55-year-olds, Aviva found.

This compares with nearly a quarter of 22 to 30-year-olds and 19% of 31 to 45-year-olds who are confident they will have enough put by to really enjoy their later years.

Across all age groups, nearly a quarter of workers believe their retirement is likely to be a financial struggle.

Automatic enrolment has brought millions of people into workplace pension saving, although there are concerns that people may not be putting by enough for a comfortable retirement.

In April 2019, minimum contributions will rise to 8% of earnings, including top ups from employers and the Government, although Aviva said just saving the minimum is unlikely to give people the pension pot they will need for a comfortable retirement.

Travelling, pursuing hobbies and giving money to children and grandchildren will be the top priorities for people when they do retire, the survey of more than 2,000 22 to

One Dead, Nine Missing In Norway Landslide


Rescuers on Friday found a dead body and continued searching for nine other people, including a toddler and a 13-year-old, still missing days after a mudslide destroyed homes in a Norwegian village, the authorities said.

An entire hillside collapsed in Ask, 25 kilometres (15 miles) northeast of the capital Oslo overnight Tuesday, burying homes or breaking them apart.

“A dead body was discovered in the landslide,” police said without identifying the person.

The police statement said the discovery was made around 2:30 pm Friday as Norwegian crews supported by colleagues from Sweden continued search operations in the snow-covered terrain.

The police published the names of the ten people subject to the days-long search. Eight are adults, one is two years old and the last is 13 years old.

IMAGES Images show damage to houses caught in a landslide as helicopters and members of the Norwegian rescue services search for 10 people still missing. Rescue workers are still searching for survivors of a landslide that destroyed homes in a Norwegian village close to Oslo leaving 10 people unaccounted for, including two children, and 10 injured.

Norwegian media reported that a medical helicopter and ambulances were at the scene.

How do the changes announced in the budget actually affect your SME


In the recent budget there were a raft of announcements that could impact SMEs.

William Garvey MD of Leyton UK, walks through the implications of the budget and how they may impact on small businesses.

Philip Hammond’s ‘budget for grafters’ was much more detailed than initially anticipated. Amongst the many measures destined to stimulate the economy and encourage growth were some initiatives that relate directly to innovation funding for SME’s.

Industrial strategy

A welcome measure for innovating SMEs was the long-term support for research and development in support of the Modern Industrial Strategy. This ranges from nuclear fusion, AI to quantum computing. The Industrial Strategy has the objective of making the UK the most innovative nation by 2030 and help reach the government’s ambition of increasing the UK R&D investment to 2.4% of its GDP by 2027 through a £1.6b increased investment.

UK digital services tax

The introduction of a UK digital services tax was a headline grabbing measure in the budget. This however is aimed at the tech giants and not designed to discourage start-ups. It is targeted at profitable companies with > £500M worldwide revenue.

This applies to revenues generated from the provision of business activities such as

Norway Landslide Buries Homes, 11 Missing


A major landslide destroyed homes overnight in a village in Norway close to the capital Oslo, leaving at least 11 people unaccounted for and 10 injured, police and local media said Wednesday.

Video footage from the scene showed a whole hillside had collapsed in Ask, in the municipality of Gjerdrum, 25 kilometres (15 miles) northeast of the capital. Homes were left crushed and buried in dark mud.

Snow fell throughout the morning as the emergency services evacuated the injured and attempted to secure those homes still standing. Some houses had been left teetering on the edge of the crater left behind by the slide, with a few falling over the edge as the day went on.

Norway’s Prime Minister Erna Solberg, who travelled to the village of around 1,000 people on Wednesday, described the landslide as “one of the largest” the country had seen.

“It’s a dramatic experience to be here,” Solberg told reporters, expressing particular concern for those still missing.

“The situation is still so unstable with the mud that it’s not yet possible to do anything other than helicopter rescues,” she added.

Norway’s Prime Minister described the landslide as ‘one of the largest’ the country had seen

How Research & Development (R&D) tax relief works for startups


Startup companies especially those in the technology and sciences niche often have brilliant business proposals in mind.

However, most of them lack enough financial support. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can finance a startup business. One of which is through a research and development tax credit.

A long time ago, only large and well-established companies who contribute significant knowledge to their industry can file and claim research and development tax credit. Nowadays. even small and medium-sized companies can claim this type of tax credit.

It’s provided to companies who develop or improve products, software and/or processes in a certain group of industries. The government only supports startups including physics, chemistry, biology, computer science and engineering. It’s a government-provided incentive that can be used to reduce the R&D cost.

How does it work?

With the help of this tax credit, you can get back 30% of your R&D costs as cash. Alternatively, you can use it to decrease your tax bill.

While this type of credit was introduced sometime in 2000, many startup companies in the UK don’t know how to use it. You can use this credit as an alternative to innovation grants. Also, you use it to

In Final Days, A Weakened Trump Faces First Veto Override


Donald Trump, after caving to pressure and signing a $900 billion coronavirus relief package, faces another potential humiliation this week with Congress poised to deliver the first veto override of his waning presidency.

A two-thirds majority of those voting is needed in the 435-member House of Representatives and 100-seat Senate to strike down Trump’s veto of the fiscal 2021 defense bill.

The $740.5 billion National Defense Authorization Act was passed this month by 335 votes to 78 in the Democratic-controlled House and by 84 to 13 in the Republican-majority Senate.

But the NDAA was vetoed by the president because it did not repeal Section 230, a federal law that provides liability protection to internet companies.

Trump also opposed a provision that would strip several US military bases of the names of generals who fought for the secessionist, pro-slavery South in the 1861-65 US Civil War.

US President Donald Trump is facing a potential congressional override of his veto of the defense bill

The House is to vote to override Trump’s veto later Monday and Democrats are optimistic they have enough Republican support to do so. The Senate could take up the matter later this week.


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