High Mobile Penetration And Social Media Drive Online Shopping

Social Media Drive Online Shopping

With the increasing number of web stores, customers are more likely to make purchases online. The main reason behind this higher aid can be attributed to the high internet & mobile penetration. Now whether it’s at home or on the go, these consumers use their phones to browse, research, find deals & make purchases from these online retail shopping carts.

According to a report by eMarketer, US consumers alone will spend nearly $37.44 billion in 2021 on purchases made via a smartphone or any mobile device such as a tablet or laptop approx. 57{98e08aa365cfdc42a7f5be3b04c710f0aa561b0cd32b46b9f4db856527676911} higher than last year’s figure. As far as the number of mobile phone buyers is concerned, such high income indicates approx. 23 million more consumers for 2021 to reach 118 million. The figure also shows a more mobile-centric lifestyle even if shoppers aren’t buying on a phone.

Out of 118 million phone buyers for 2021, approx. 72 million will make purchases via mobile devices. A new trend seen in the mobile shopping vertical is that consumers who use mobile devices are more likely to spend more time in-store than those who don’t. In addition, consumers who use their mobile devices for product research are more likely to make purchases from eCommerce shopping carts.

The real challenge facing online marketers & retailers is how to engage customers & turn them into final sales. To solve this problem, they use different resources to make their presence felt. Making their website mobile compatible is definitely one way to solve the problem. Apart from that, online retailers are also adopting social networking media to increase their visibility.

A report by eMarketers states that, ‘As social media has shifted to mobile, more and more consumers are accessing their accounts via smartphones & tablets. Now, marketers are racing to catch up with the consumers they are connected to, using a variety of outreach strategies. Search Engine Optimization The key opportunity to take advantage of is that not only do mobile users log in more frequently, but they also spend more time on social networking sites as well’.

When devices integrate social media more deeply, for example, by making it easier to upload photos from your phone to social sites, it strengthens the circle of mobile social virtues, making them even stronger. Strategi marketing online saat ini di media sosial, bagaimana postingan produk bisa memiliki engagement rate luaxs, cara promosi di instagram menjangkau banyak orang dan memiliki tingkat interaksi dengan followers/subscribers tinggi.

But even to realize this, marketers need to make their content accessible through all mobile devices. Also, they need to focus more on the content they write as news feed for their social media promotions. Therefore, before adopting this mobile commerce strategy, there are several points that need to be considered.

Online retailers need to generate news feeds for their social media promotions. For this, they can focus on using more images than simple text because images are clearer. Marketers can carefully craft content that includes images, product prices, availability & other related options.

An important point to note is that when generating news feeds for social media campaigns, marketers need to focus less on promotions related to their brand pages & more on content.