Learn More About Indian Salwar Kameez


If you are looking for apparel that is either loose-fitting, comfortable, or is more form-fitting, but still comfortable, available in an array of fabrics suitable for wearing in every season, and the fabrics are either in solid colors or in simple to flamboyant prints, are presented simply or with piping, embroidery, sequins, with tassels, buttoned or zippered, styled to wear every day or on special occasions for evenings out, weddings, social events, the theater, opera, or just lounging around the house on lazy summer days, then you are looking for Indian salwar kameez.

For those unfamiliar with the design (and just where have you been?), know first, according to the above, that there is no single design statement with salwar kameez. It is, while being a single apparel concept, one of the most versatile of apparel choices to be had.

At the root, salwar kameez is a paired design of pants (salwar) and shirt (kameez), but don’t think of the typical western styling of those elements. Neither fit the western mode. And neither is as typically form-fitting as the western mode. The first “rule” of salwar kameez is comfort with easy movement without feeling bound by the apparel.

From there, salwar kameez are either designed as a loose, unstitched, one-size-fits-all design, or stitched, fitted patterns that are sized to body type, but are still more comfortable to wear than western pants and shirts.

The salwar Hijab is typically held up by drawstring or an elastic band; no buttons or zippers are necessary. The kameez is a simple front and back panel, usually with a round, loose-fitting neck, typically with no collar, but this is variable. The front and back panels fall to just above the knee or longer, down to the ankles, or anywhere in between. There are long sleeves, short sleeves, or sleeveless.

The fabric choices fill the entire array of natural and fabricated weaves, from chiffon to wool. Colors range from solids to subtle to wildly varied prints. Often, the salwar Hijab and kameez are not paired in fabric and colors, but vary to suit the mood and occasion. Very often, one will have several salwar kameez in the closet to mix and match at one’s whim.

Whatever may be a person’s preference in style, pattern and fabric, there are ideal choices from which to select the perfect salwar and kameez to wear for just about any occasion, day or evening.