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Yet Dolby’s multibillion-dollar valuation was achieved with only limited interaction with film directors, music producers, and audiophiles. The company has licensed its proprietary technology to many product developers and manufacturers, including Sony, Bose, Apple, and Yamaha. For corporations with resources, the four decisions involve analyzing data they probably already have. They can also quite often afford to engage in market research and experimentation along multiple fronts. A start-up on a shoestring, in contrast, lacks a history and the knowledge it brings.

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It uses machine learning to transform video and audio footage into real-time workflows, visual risk assessments and analytics dashboards. By lessening the amount of paperwork that managers have to work through, the platform improves the efficiency and safety of the job. The scaleup company has partnerships with major companies such as British Gas and Ferrovial, and projects such as HS2.

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For this to be possible, you want to set bold targets that are also realistic. There is nothing worse than seeing the disparity between targets and actual numbers. Whatever the reason and whoever is needed, it’s crucial to get the hiring right, especially in a small business with a tight staffing budget.

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The first step is to identify a market that either isn’t supersaturated or is overlooking a demographic. Alternatively, if you have a product you are interested in selling, you can advertise your creation by using the same tactics. Attitude beats Experience – beyond relevant Tech knowledge, look for communication, great listening skills and resilience in your team. Experienced Sales, practiced with Account Management, may find it difficult to engage with account discovery. It is crucial to stay flexible and adjust to promising applications and changing market opportunities. Look to blend internal and external resources to minimize cash burn and protect your runway while building revenues.

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The company’s research centres around carbohydrate-binding molecules. Pneumagen’s lead product—Neumifil—is an intranasal product which provides pan-antiviral protection against respiratory viruses such as influenza, respiratory syncytial virus and coronaviruses. Neumifil acts by stopping viruses at the site of infection, reducing their ability both to enter cells and to migrate to the lungs. The innovative UK startup has so far raised £11.1m in investment, across six funding rounds. Its investors include Equity Gap, Scottish Enterprise and Thairm Bio. The innovative healthcare startup develops drug discovery platforms based on peptide therapeutics, to identify effective and biologically-relevant treatments for chronic diseases.

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Make this business your own by developing an effective, personalized product that appeals to this specialized market. Business consulting can mean a few different things depending on your specialty. For example, if you’re skilled at marketing or business development, either of these fields could be the type of business consulting your startup offers. By establishing your specialty, you are able to better serve the needs of your customers and provide exceptional services every time.

Even startup ideas that seemingly come out of left field can yield incredible success. Read through this list for instant inspiration and get your creative gears turning. Our partners cannot pay us to guarantee favorable reviews of their products or services.


Countless Business Intelligence startups are being launched every day. Creative job titles such as Marketing Guru or Content NInja are common by now, but what’s behind the more in-depth jargon? Startup milestones are the best way to check in with the health of your fledgling business and decide where to go next on your startup journey. There are significant and staggering achievements by iSpirt — but the conflicts of interest are equally staggering.

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Startups must design or manufacture original physical products and be willing to share your story with a valid website, transact on social media or a digital platform. Service providers, resellers, contract manufacturers, and consultants do not qualify. Startups can apply to extend their subscription at the end of each 1-year term. User experience is the name of the game when you’re developing a smart accessories startup. The first step is to identify a common problem that your accessory could solve or a way that a device user’s experience could be enhanced.

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If they prove viable, these technologies are usually difficult for incumbents—whose capabilities and commitments are built around established technologies—to adopt. In their haste to get to market first, write Joshua Gans, Erin L. Scott, and Scott Stern, entrepreneurs often run with the first plausible strategy they identify. They can improve their chances of picking the right path by investigating four generic go-to-market strategies and choosing a version that aligns most closely with their founding values and motivations.

Hofy combines functions such as asset tracking and mobile device management to allow companies to equip new employees anywhere in the world with IT and office furniture. The company aims to first serve areas across the country which, historically, have had to contend with poor internet speeds and connections, and create a network which lasts long term. By 2023, it aims to connect 1m homes and all company types, from small businesses to larger enterprises, and 2m nationwide by 2024. The team has decades of experience in the industry between them, and is led by Jeremy Chelot as CEO.

The Demo Kit is a valuable asset which you should use to confirm your value proposition and your pricing model. HubSpot integrates with the business software you already use and love. Plug into Stripe, Zapier, Segment, and hundreds more to extend your capabilities and grow faster. Plus, you can integrate your company with HubSpot and grow on our platform. Still, every strategy affects possible future pivots, removing some and opening up others. A venture must be mindful of this so that it doesn’t raise future costs but does enable opportunities to move from the start-up to the scale-up phase.