The Making of a High Caliber Makeup Artist

The Making of a High Caliber Makeup Artist

Makeup artists or MUA are much like painters. That’s what I always think whenever I see someone applies makeup on one’s face. With the stern and forbidding look on their faces, they take their job very seriously and with utmost reverence.

However, unlike painters, their canvas is not a clean sheet of cloth or paper that they can crumple down and throw whenever they don’t like the result or when they’re uninspired. Theirs (makeup artists) is even more exciting and challenging – the human body.

You see, you can’t just dismiss your client and find someone else if you don’t like her look or his attitude when dealing with you. Each client is unique and that’s the ultimate challenge for every makeup artist, amateur or pro.

Most makeup artists regard their craft as a form of art, and I believe it’s just logical considering the amount of talent, dedication, hard work, and creativity they have to possess and the training they must undergo.

Before, they don’t get proper and professional makeup training. Maklon Kosmetik Makeup artists in the past rely mostly on other makeup artists’ and even clients’ advice, recommendation, suggestion, experience and expertise. Many aspire to be great makeup artists, but if you don’t have the knack and gift for it, you’re not going to make it big. Plain and simple.

But today, several cosmetic schools are established across the globe, although most of them are located in Los Angeles, California in the United States. Many in the makeup industry consider Joe Blasco as the most famous makeup school. With branches in Hollywood, California and Orlando, Florida, this private school offers makeup training in various disciplines such as special effects makeup artistry, theatrical, and cosmetic.

However, going to such specialized school isn’t cheap. Fact is that it is ridiculously expensive. You see, one must shell out at least $7,000 to enter and pay for the tuition. And this amount does not always include the complete professional makeup kit they need to use for practice between classes and use on jobs.

In addition to this, every makeup artist wannabe must have a professional portfolio that showcases the quality of his or her work. Without it, no client would book her for interview or line him up for possible job hiring. But when done properly and completely, a successful and superb makeup artist can earn at least $400 or $1,000 in a day!

Yes, the training, the portfolio, and the makeup kit may cost a fortune. But everything is worth it when one’s interest, dedication and talent are completely in it. That’s because you’re not just doing it for the sake of art, but most especially for the building of your career in the makeup industry.